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If an entity /person is not appearing on this website, it does not automatically mean that there has been no regulatory action against that entity/person. Also if a particular entity/person is appearing on this website, it does not automatically mean that all regulatory actions against that entity/person have been covered by this website. This could be because of any of the following reasons:

  • The data on the relevant entity/person relates to a regulatory body which is presently not covered by this website (For information, click here about CREATION OF THIS DATABASE).
  • The data on the relevant entity/person is not in the source document on the source’s website/data provided to us (For information, click here about CREATION OF THIS DATABASE).
  • The regulatory order against the relevant entity/person was issued prior to 1 January 2000 (For information, click here about PERIOD OF COVERAGE).
  • The name of the relevant entity/person has been spelt differently in the source document and does not match with your spelling (For information, click here about PROBLEMS WITH NAMES).
  • The data on the relevant entity/person is presently under creation at our end.

SAT Orders
The SAT orders as available on SEBI website have been linked to the appropriate SEBI Chairman’s/Member’s orders. If there is a SAT order that is missing and you would like us to post it on our website against your entry, please send us a pdf file by email or a clean photocopy by courier. We will, upon receipt and verification, post it on this website.

We are constrained by the fact that database discipline is not maintained by most organizations in the country. On the one hand, the database expertise lacks, specially in government organizations, preoccupied and staffed as they are with their primary occupation. Information as such often takes a back seat. On the other hand, simple carelessness in typing leads to huge errors.

We have encountered all kinds of problems in creating this website. Moreover, the variety of sources used each with data in a different format, have presented another set of problems. Most importantly, as the entire content has been sourced from third party official sources, several errors in the source documents shall continue to be reflected on this website, despite having subjected the data to extensive database processes.