June 25, 2009 
PR No. 203/2009

Consent Order on the application submitted by Ketan Shah & Co., Member, VSE

A Panel consisting of Whole Time Members, SEBI, Shri M.S.Sahoo and Dr. K.M.Abraham has passed a consent order dated June 22, 2009 on an application submitted by Ketan Shah & Co. (Member, Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd.) in the matter of Vision Organics Ltd. in accordance with SEBI Circular dated April 20, 2007 for consent orders. The applicant has remitted a sum of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakh only) towards settlement charges.

The order has come into force with immediate effect.


June 25, 2009


For full copy of order against KETAN SHAH & CO., click here.