April 02, 2009  
PR No. 124/2009

Consent Order in the matter of Mrs. Harsha S Jhaveri in the case of

SAARC Net Ltd.

A Panel consisting of Whole Time Members, SEBI, Shri M. S. Sahoo and Dr. K. M. Abraham, has passed a consent order dated March 31, 2009, on an application submitted by Mrs. Harsha S Jhaveri, in the matter of SAARC Net Ltd., in accordance with SEBI Circular dated April 20, 2007 for consent orders. The applicant has remitted a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rs. One lakh only) towards the terms of consent in the matter and also undertaken not to buy, sell or deal in securities or access the securities market directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever for a period of two years. 
The order shall come into force with immediate effect except the debarment of two years which shall come into force from November 14, 2010. 


April 02, 2009

For full copy of order against HARSHABEN SHAILESH JHAVERI, click here.