March 16, 2007
PR No. 99/2007

Certificates of registration of four stock brokers, cancelled

Shri G. Anantharaman, Whole Time Member, SEBI has passed an order dated March 15, 2007 canceling the certificates of registration of the following four stock brokers with immediate effect:

Sr. No. Name of Broker SEBI Regn. No. Exchange
1 Sri Kanyaka Securities Ltd INB200925736 OTC Exchange of India
2 Stack Securities Ltd. INB200820535 OTC Exchange of India
3 Vibrant Securities & Stock Pvt. Ltd. INB200820330 OTC Exchange of India
4 Deepika Financial Services Ltd. INB200869037 OTC Exchange of India

The aforesaid stock brokers were expelled by the OTC Exchange of India and ceased to be members of the Exchange, thereby failed to fulfil the pre-requisite condition of registration as a stock broker with SEBI. Further, the said stock brokers had also failed to pay the fees to SEBI. These registrations have been cancelled in terms of Regulation 16(5) read with Regulation 16(6) of SEBI (Procedure for Holding Enquiry by Enquiry Officer and Imposing Penalty) Regulations, 2002.


March 16, 2007