January 22, 2007
PR No. 23/2007

Order against 30 entities for permanently freezing of shares in the scrip of M/s. Aastha Broadcasting Network Limited

Shri G.Anantharaman, Whole Time Member, SEBI vide order dated January 19, 2007 has directed that the shares of M/s. Aastha Broadcasting Network Limited (formerly CMM Broadcasting Network Limited) lying in the demat accounts of 30 entities, which were frozen by earlier orders of SEBI dated September 06, 2005 and June 07, 2006 shall remain frozen permanently.
It was observed by SEBI that M/s. Aastha Broadcasting Network Limited made an irregular and illegal preferential allotment and the shares lying in the demat accounts of the above thirty (30) entities are part of the said preferential allotment.


January 22, 2007


For full copy of order against
1) Cheneena Impex Pvt. Ltd,
2) CMM Ltd.,
3) Neena Mehta,
4) Ceean Impex Pvt. Ltd.,
5) Smitasha Impex Pvt. Ltd.,
6) Prarekha Exim Pvt. Ltd.,
7) Bratiti Finlease Pvt. Ltd.,
8) Bicharsil Traders Pvt. Ltd.,
9) Bhairav Tradelink Pvt. Ltd.,
10) Deepmala Dealers Pvt. Ltd.,
11) Divya Dealers Pvt. Ltd.,
12) Gurupath Merchandise Pvt. Ltd.,
13) Jeet Vanijya Pvt. Ltd.,
14) Navltex Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,
15) Saltlake Merchants Pvt. Ltd.,
16) Network Power Pvt. Ltd.,
17) Savera Traders Pvt. Ltd.,
18) Shri Ajit Satyaprakash Gupta,
19) Shri Arihant Jain,
20) Shri Dilip Mohan Kejriwal,
21) Shri Gunjan Jain,
22) Ms. Lalita Jain,
23) M/s. Martanda Finlease P. Ltd.,
24) Ms. Meera Jain,
25) M/s. Natun Finlease P Ltd.,
26) Shri Pradeep Joshi,
27) Shri Pramod Joshi,
28) Ms. Sonal Jain,
29) Shri Surendra Kumar Jain and
30) Ms. Veena Dilip Kejriwal click here.