January 18, 2007
PR No. 20/2007

Order against M/s. D.B. & Co., in the matter of 

M/s. Prime Capital Markets Limited

Shri G.Anantharaman, Whole Time Member, SEBI has passed an order dated January 17, 2007 against M/s. D.B. & Co., Member, Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited (CSE) in respect of the irregular transactions in the shares of M/s. Prime Capital Markets Limited imposing a major penalty of suspension of certificate of registration for a period of two years. Earlier the broker was directed vide an order dated September 29, 2005 not to buy, sell or deal in securities in any manner directly or indirectly pending further directions. The period of prohibition already undergone by M/s. D.B. & Co. vide SEBI order dated September 29, 2005 would be set off against the said period of two years.


January 18, 2007


For full copy of order against M/S. D.B & CO. MEMBER, CALCUTTA STOCK EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION LIMITED click here.