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March 09, 2005
PR No. 053/2005

SEBI directs M/s. Guru Teak Investments( Mysore) Pvt Ltd. to wind up existing

schemes and repay the investors

  1. M/s. Guru Teak Investments (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd., having office at No.874 "Raineo House", First Floor, Dr. Modi Hospital Road, West of Chord Road, Bangalore 560 086, was granted provisional registration under the provisions of Regulation 71(1) of SEBI (Collective Investment Scheme), Regulations, 1999 subject to the conditions as specified under Regulation 71. The company, M/s. Guru0 Teak Investments (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd., has failed to comply with the conditions of provisional registration and also has violated the provisions of 69 and 71 of SEBI CIS Regulations, 1999.

  2. In view of the above, SEBI has passed an order on February 18, 2005, directing the company to wind up the existing schemes and repay the investors in the manner specified in Regulation 73, within a period of 5 (five and a half) months from the date of receipt of this order and submit the Winding up and Repayment Report to SEBI in the format specified by SEBI.

March 09, 2005