For full copy of order against J.T.AMRITHASINGH, click here.

For full copy of order against J.T.AMRITHASINGH & CO., click here.


February 22, 2005
PR No. 37/2005

Registration of M/s. J.T.Amirthasingh & Co., 

member of Calcutta Stock Exchange, suspended

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has suspended the certificate of registration of M/s. J.T. Amirthasingh & Co., member of Calcutta Stock Exchange for a period of six months. The order was passed by SEBI on January 27, 2005. The order shall come into force on expiry of twenty one (21) days from the date of this order.
The penalty is imposed for irregularities by the member while dealing in the scrip of M/s. Blue Print Securities Limited.
February 22, 2005