For full copy of order against RAMANLAL D.SHAH, click here.

For full copy of order against RAMANLAL D.SHAH,M/S, click here.


October 12, 2004
PR No. 271/2004

M/s. Ramanlal D Shah, Member, BSE 

warned to be more careful in the future

Pursuant to investigations conducted in the matters of the dealing in the scrip of M/s. Sawaca Business Machines Ltd. (formerly known as Sawaca Finance Ltd.), an enquiry officer was appointed to look into the possible violations of law by M/s. Ramanlal D Shah, stock broker of The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, bearing registration number INB010949411.
An order has been passed on October 06, 2004 under Regulation 13(4) of the SEBI (Procedure for Holding Enquiry by Enquiry Officer and Imposing Penalty Regulations, 2002, imposing a penalty of warning, directing it to be more diligent in complying with SEBI Act, Rules, and Regulations framed thereunder and also directing him to note that any instances of violations or non-compliances in the future shall be dealt with more stringently. 
October 12, 2004