July 31, 2002
PR No. 140/2002

Press Release

The Securities and Exchange Board of India vide its Orders dated July 29, 2002 has debarred 8 entities and their concerned officials from operating in the capital market and accessing the capital market for a period of 5 years from the date of the Order. These entities have failed to comply with the earlier Order of SEBI directing these entities to refund the money collected under the scheme(s) with returns which is due to the investors as per the terms of the offer within a period of one month from the date of the said Order. The names of the 8 Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) entities are as follows:- 
    1. M/s. Four Season Farms Ltd., Mumbai 

    2. M/s. Goldenland Development (India) Ltd., Chandigarh 

    3. M/s. Himgiri Plantations Ltd., New Delhi 

    4. M/s. Supergold Forests Ltd., Chandigarh 

    5. M/s. Surbhi Agrotech Ltd., Chandigarh 

    6. M/s. United Capital Services (I) Ltd., Chandigarh 

    7. M/s. Veerbhumi Plantations (I) Ltd., Chandigarh 

    8. M/s. Versatile Resorts & Gardens International Ltd., Greater Noida (U.P.)