April 30, 2002
PR No. 82/2002

Prosecution Department 

Prosecution of Companies Operating Unregistered 
Collective Investment Schemes

SEBI has filed complaints before the criminal courts against the following companies and their directors which raised amounts between Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore and failed to wind up their schemes in terms of the directions issued by SEBI under Sec. 11B of Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992.

  1. Four Season Farms Ltd.,

  2. Maruti Krishi Udyog Ltd., 

  3. Colourful Cultivators and Irrigations Ltd., 

  4. Square Agro Forests (India) Ltd., 

  5. AIM Plantation (I) Ltd., 

  6. Bacon Green Hindustan Agro Ltd., 

  7. Goldage Farms Ltd., 

  8. Sidrah Plantation & Marketing Ltd., 

  9. Trikon Orchards Ltd., 

  10. Raksha Plantations Pvt. Ltd. 

  11. Banashri Teak & Plantations Ltd., 

  12. Ridha Farms Ltd., and 

  13. Janasowbhagya Sheep Farms Pvt. Ltd.,